When we first met and began our life together, we committed to take what we enjoyed and felt was best for our family from both cultures and Casa Ecomaya is an exciting extension of that simple principle.

In addition to being a very efficient, healthy and comfortable home, Casa Ecomaya will also be aesthetically pleasing and affordable. The combination of green building concepts and design merged with a unique mixture of advanced and local materials will be the first of its kind and stand as an example of what is possible in an unexplored market.

Our home will serve as a showroom and educational tool for homeowners and professionals demonstrating the opportunities and advantages of earth-friendly, energy efficient homes.

The USGBC is the leading nonprofit coalition for advancing buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work. Pursuing LEED certification has been a powerful learning tool and has provided the opportunity to understand the impact and importance of finding the correct mix of design and materials as well as technology and innovation. When completed, we believe Casa Ecomaya will be the first LEED certified home in Mexico.

Our ultimate goal is to make the world a healthier and sustainable place for ourselves and further generations by being an example of what is possible if you follow your dreams.


David and Maria Jose